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First step in the right direction

To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Andy Coates about 6 years ago when I attended one of his training courses with some colleagues. I ended up first of all setting my own company up then had the pleasure working with Andy before he retired.

Andy has been a great help and inspiration to me. Along with many others he has helped me in getting started, keeping on the right track and getting us work all over the country.

I can also say he is a true friend and business friend and without any doubt would turn to him for any advice or guidance big or small it may be, this industry needs people like Andy Coates.

Andy’s training courses are the first step in the right direction for anyone starting in the industry and come very highly recommended.

Kind regards

Stephen Ward
Managing Director

JBS Debt Collections & Enforcements Ltd
Certificated Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement
PO Box 278, Leeds LS16 0DW
TEL 0845 056 9320

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