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I recommend any course Andy runs on Bailiff Training

I am a retired police officer and run my own dog training and behavioural business, but was looking for something different and something I could use some of the skills I had learnt during 30 years as a police officer, some in London and the majority in a provincial force.

I have know Andy Coates as a friend for a great many years and have become involved with him as a business associate through my dog business.

Andy suggested to me I considered training as a certificated bailiff.

I attended one of Andy’s courses and am now awaiting my court date to gain my first certificate.

I knew nothing about the bailiff work and what it entails. Having now spent time listening to Andy and attending the course he runs I can only say I am really looking forward to getting started.

Andy is a walking law book; an encyclopedia on common law and bailiff practice. When you spend time with him such as I do this can be a menace!! His mobile phone never stops ringing with calls from bailiffs and other professionals seeking his advice and guidance, or wanting to join the next course he runs.

I saw the demise (in my opinion) to the British Police service when time served coppers that had done the job stopped training the recruits. I was taught by officers that taught the law and procedure and then openly taught you how ‘things are really done!’ This doesn’t happen these days and in my opinion police officers although very knowledgeable in law and case work do not have the same street wise approach as officers did in the past (discretion is a word that springs to mind).

Andy talks from three decades of ‘doing the job’ of a bailiff at the sharp end. That said he knows the law and procedures and teaches this, but one cannot get away from the necessity of knowing the reality of anything we do in business.

I recommend any course Andy runs in this field. I wouldn’t go past him for training, advice and guidance. He is in my opinion - The Best!

Dave D, Durham

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