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Being made redundant after 27 years in the Civil Service I found it frustrating finding a new job.

I tried several new potential opportunities including driving instructor training but found the opportunities simply not for me.

Several of the supposed opportunities appeared to be out to make a fast buck with little guarantee of meaningful employment.

One area I was attracted to was the enforcement industry. I applied for one position but was rejected out of hand because of my lack of experience. In the current job market employers have an abundance of applicants.

I decided to look for a source of training and experience and I commenced ringing round the larger more reputable agencies.

Many offered training in-house to those who had already passed the interview stage and there were many training providers offering services ranging from distance learning to residential courses, the prices ranged from £300 to over £1,000.

I was concerned and wary of parting with a large amount of cash without any guidance.

During my search one name kept coming up as an authority on enforcement training, Andy Coates. When I made contact with Andy I felt re-assured. There was no sales pitch and he showed a genuine interest in my development and on-going employment prospects.

I was immediately impressed with the generosity of Andy Coates; he willingly gave his time and explained the certification process, its intricacies and pitfalls in great detail before I‘d parted with a single penny. We spoke at length about what I wanted to get out of the enforcement business and if the industry was right for me.

I attended one of Andy’s courses which took place over a day in Darlington, even though it was a 500 mile round trip from home! The course was thorough and covered everything I needed to know to gain my first bailiff certificate. I found it comprehensive and together with Andy‘s humorous anecdotes and practical advice it made for an enjoyable day.

My hearing took place alongside a bailiff applying for a new certificate. He later told me he‘d felt that the judge had been particularly tough on me, asking all sorts of questions, but shortly after the hearing I left the court a certificated bailiff.

I was naturally wary of the prospect of being quizzed on my knowledge by a high court judge but Andy‘s on-going support and coaching saw me through the certification process and ensured I achieved my goal of gaining certification.

Thanks Andy.

Phil S, Kent

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