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Stab Vests

Stab vests have become increasingly important for people in the enforcement business as the number of attacks has increased in recent years.

Body Armour

PPSS Body Armour has been designed for civil enforcement officers and bailiffs who are often faced with intoxicated, hostile or abusive members of the public.

The body armour has three key advantages:

  • Protection from blunt force trauma (injuries following a punch, kick or blow).
  • Protection from hypodermic needles and knives.
  • Unlimited shelf life (in comparison to 3-5 years for Kevlar® based body armour).

Superior Stab Vests

Made from high performance polycarbonate (similar to police riot shields), this body armour does not deteriorate with exposure to UV light or moisture.

  • They shield the spine, ribs and vital organs from blunt force attacks (fists, furniture, lumps of wood, metal bars, ...), and from knives and needles.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Easily put on and taken off.
  • Outer cover removable and can be machine-washed.

Available in a range of sizes and three styles.

  • Covert
  • Overt
  • Hi-viz

The Stab Resistant Vests are available from PPSS Group. www.ppss-group.com


PPSS Covert Stab Vest

Stab Resistant Vest


PPSS Overt Stab Vest

Stab Resistant Vest


PPSS Hi Viz Stab Vest

Stab Resistant Vest

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